Having re-edited over 60 films, Clator is committed to refining the laws and building systems that will allow for the licensing, distribution, and royalty management of fan edited films so that studio’s monetary rights to their intellectual property is protected, yet creativity, innovation, and compensation for the fledgeling industry can be supported.  Everybody wins.

Through his contributions to the communities at,, and the Superman Cinema Fortess of Solitude, Clator is a founder of the fan edit code and pay-it-forward system that has led to a respectful, self-policing community that shuns pirating while advocating fair use.  With no nudges or winks, he is 100% committed to the principles and policies that editors and viewers alike must own the original work to partake of a fan edit and that no editor should make a penny of profit until the laws and contracts can allow for it.  Just as he says in the credits or menus of his works, “It is imperative we not steal from filmmakers as we enjoy their products in exciting new ways.”

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