Clator prides himself on the successful relationships he has built with his clients over the years. He has worked in a variety of sectors, including commercial, governmental, non-profit, medical, sports, entertainment, arts, leisure and the news media. Below are some testimonials from clients and colleagues he has worked with over the years.

National Football League/USA Football
From 2001-2008 Clator served as the webmaster for www.NFLHS.com, a site which focused on development of high school football programs, players and coaches. Clator guided this site through redesigns both small and large, handled posting of daily content, trained interns at the NFL, and served as a liason between the client and the host.

In 2008, Clator helped migrate the content (close to 15,000 articles) under its new owner, www.USAFootball.com.

“Clator was terrific to work with on so many levels. He helped us rebuild the NFL’s high school web site, NFLHS.com, basically from scratch, and then became the ultimate point man for us in handling any and all matters pertaining to the site. Clator was always very easy to work with, displaying a wide range of expertise, attention to detail, timely response to anything we asked of him and a willingness to proactively go beyond what was asked of him. As a result, I always had great confidence in Clator’s work, and would recommend him to anybody.”
Craig Ellenport, Senior Editor, NFL.com & NFL Publishing

“I could not have been more satisfied with the service that Clator provided to the NFL.”

Mikko Simon, NFL

“Clator Butler served as project manager for the launch of the NFL’s high school football web site, www.nflhs.com, back in 2001, when he was employed by the Olympus Group. When Olympus Group suffered the fate of many dotcom companies, we did not hesitate to continue our relationship with Clator as an independent contractor as opposed to finding another service provider. Clator’s professionalism, passion for his work, attention to detail and and teamwork ability made him more than just a service provider – he was truly a key player in the site’s overall success. He is an honest and up-front person to work with who knows his strengths and weaknesses and will not hesitate to indicate either his ability or inability to complete a project on his own. His strong network of partners allowed him to bring in contributors for areas he was not able to complete personally.

“Overall, I could not have been more satisfied with the service that Clator provided to the NFL during the years that we worked together.”
Mikko Simon
Manager, Digital Media
NFL (2000-2006)

The Extra Mile Points of Light Volunteer Pathway
The Extra Mile, a national monument in our Nation’s capital, recognizes heroes of our Nation’s service movement. The monument is comprised of a series of bronze medallions forming a one-mile walking path just blocks from the White House.

“Clator Butler was instrumental in making the monument a reality.”

John Johansen, Points of Light Foundation

From founders of major service organizations to civil rights leaders, The Extra Mile’s many honorees selflessly championed causes to help others realize a better America. Their legacies are enduring social movements that continue to engage and inspire us today.

During the early development of the monument, Clator designed and developed its very first web site. The web site was instrumental in raising awareness about the project and educating government officials and philanthropists alike about the need to recognize these great citizens of the United States.

At the monument’s dedication in 2005, with former President George H.W. Bush and other dignitaries in attendance, Clator was singled out by the monument’s founder, John Johansen who remarked “Clator Butler was instrumental in making the monument a reality.”

U.S. Government
Clator has worked as a contractor to several military and intelligence organizations within the U.S. Government, building web sites both for internal communication as well as public-facing portals. Security prohibits going into detail, but suffice it to say that he has considered it a privilege to help serve our nation in this manner and has built several professional relationships as a result.

Phase 2 Technology
Clator has worked with his colleagues from Phase 2 on a number of occasions, helping to build sites for ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security) and Henry Bonilla, the former Congressional Representative for Texas’ 23rd District. Clator’s relationship with Phase 2 dates back to his time at Olympus Group, where he and the eventual founders of Phase 2 were all employed.

Willow Tree Media

“The client was thrilled with the results and continues to receive compliments.”

Cindy Simons Bennett, President & Owner, Willow Tree Media, Inc.

Clator contracted to Willow Tree Media in 2004 to help build Fertility C.A.R.E. Clator programmed this site for a respected fertility treatment clinic in Orlando, FL, which is rich in information appropriate both to patients and to fellow fertility specialists alike.

Clator did a tremendous job programming the MyFertilityCare.com website. There was never a problem that Clator could not handle and using his vast knowledge of programming, he usually came up with a solution that we would have never thought of. The client was thrilled with the results and continues not only to receive compliments from their patients, but the site has also become a wonderful source of knowledge and comfort for couples and people dealing with infertility issues. I look forward to working together again and would recommend him to any other marketing firm.

–Cindy Simons Bennett, President & Owner, Willow Tree Media, Inc.

Kiawah Beachcombers
Clator designed and built this site marketing a luxury oceanfront condominium rental on Kiawah Island, SC. Visitors can see the floorplan, amenities, and book a reservation online. www.KiawahBeachcombers.com

Cardinal Crest Homeowners Association
Designed by colleague Ktru Designs and coded/maintained by Clator, this HOA site keeps the neighborhood informed of news, events, board directives and more.

First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City
Clator built this site for FUPCDC based on friend and colleague Brett Creamer’s design and helps the office staff to keep it current. www.FUPCDC.org

Leonard C. Butler & Associates
Clator built a site for Labor Relations Consultant Leonard C. Butler at www.LeonardButler.com. The similarity in the names is no coincidence; Leonard is Clator’s father and would bring Clator to his management seminars, instilling in him from a very early age the principles of Results-Oriented Management. These princples have stayed with Clator through the years as he has built strong, productive relationships with his clients, colleagues, and direct reports.

Polly Butler Cornelius, Soprano
Clator built this as a present for his sister, celebrated opera singer and full-time Lecturer of Voice at Elon University. www.PollyButlerCornelius.com

Other Testimonials

“Clator is a hands-on on manager in the sense that he takes an active role in ensuring the quality of the end product. But he also does not get in the developer’s way; he lets them do their job. Moreover, he brings the best out of them, creating a positive work environment, encouraging individuals as well as bringing together the team. I have worked with Clator on several, varied projects and know how much he cares about exceeding client expectations. He is very bright, energetic and cares about his work.”
–Bill Renk, Programmer, Web Developer

“My company was helping Microstrategy with their front-end interface and I worked closely with Clator on a daily basis for about a year on this endeavor. My experience was similar to others on our team in that Clator fostered innovation and helped facilitate sharing of new ideas calmly and in a methodical fashion. I recognized his ability to balance the strategic goals of the company with his subordinates’ short- and long-term projects and always felt he managed this balance well. It was a pleasure to work with him and I happily recommend him without reservation.”
Bill Holland, Web Producer, Designer, Usability Specialist, Professional Photographer

“I don’t believe I’ve worked with a more creative and talented web producer. Clator is a team player with a can-do attitude. I would like to work with him again.”
Dan Light, Creative Director